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Your item name and description must accurately describe your item and its components. They should both provide relevant information that makes it easy for customers to find items meeting their needs.

Good practices for File Name:

  • Capitalize the first letter in each word: “This is the File Name”, Small words like “of” and “an” may be lowercase.
  • Capitalize acronyms and abbreviations like XML and PSD: “Template with CMS”.
  • Do not use all CAPS: “THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE”.
  • Do not use all lowercase: “this is also not acceptable”.


Your description must accurately describe all elements of your main file. Ensure you mention if anything shown in the preview is not included in the main .zip and note if any main element is rasterized, outlined or otherwise not editable. If you’re using non-standard fonts in your item, these must be documented in your description. Include which file types are included in your download file.

You should not include links to external, competing services including items for sale on your own website



Create a 2000x1500px JPG for your Teaser image. Make sure your Teaser image is an accurate representation of your file. Your Teaser image must not contain trademarks or images of celebrities.


Create a 2000x (any height you want) px, JPG for your Preview image. Make sure your Preview image is an accurate representation of your file. Your Preview image must not contain trademarks or images of celebrities.

Preview Image Set

You can provide additional preview images. They must be JPGs no larger than 2000×1500 px, and named in the order that you want them to appear using the following format:

01_preview1.jpg, 02_preview2.jpg, 02_preview2.

Create a .zip folder containing your additional preview images.


Main File

Save your main files into a .zip folder, including all instructions. Ensure the files are organised in a clear and orderly fashion.

Download link :

Send us the dropbox link for all the elements (Main file, teaser and previews), if you don’t have dropbox you can use another cloud storage service.


Choose a suitable category for your file.


Tags should be lower case, separated by commas, spelled correctly and should relate to your item, its specifications, and its possible uses. Do not use the same tags for every item. Each tag must be relevant to the item it is applied to.

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